How to Tell that a Man is Ready to Be with You

A man looking for a fling does not seek a true soulmate. Similarly, a lady looking for marriage shuns light-minded courters. However, humans conceal their true intentions all too often. What are the sure signs of a man’s serious intentions? Here are the top five things to look out for.

  1. Watch his language

It might seem questionable at first, but the language does matter. A gentleman who invites you to a “date”, rather than suggesting “hanging out”, is likely to have serious intentions. When a man wants to explore a possible serious relationship, he will call a spade a spade. For such guys, “hanging out” or any murky euphemisms are simply irrelevant.

  1. He is reliable

A real man must stick to his commitments if he is seriously into you. He will not call out of the blue to suggest a night out. He will invite you in advance and arrive on time himself. This means he perceives you as a priority, rather than a casual dating partner. Importantly, this investment of time and attention must not diminish after your first nights together. He will maintain the same demeanor and keep on arranging opportunities to meet up.

  1. He welcomes emotional intimacy

People who are genuinely in love happily share their dreams, hopes and concerns. Generally, males are not adept at expressing their feelings. However, a man ready to commit will overcome these inhibitions. He may be willing to talk about his childhood or turbulent years – whatever he shares, it will indicate trust. His behavior when you have just had sex is another telling factor – if he simply rolls over and falls asleep, it is a red flag.

  1. He has let go of the past

Make sure your partner has moved on and does not secretly long for his ex. To start building the future, we have to make peace with the past. If you notice a bitter attitude towards females, relationships or marriage, run for your life. Such partners are unable to make objective decisions and accept failures. A man should set his sights on the road ahead, rather than ruminate on the past.

  1. The company he keeps

Your partner’s friends are a reliable indicator of his aspirations. Men tend to spend their time with those who share their values. Hence, it is best when his closest buddies are married with kids, rather than bachelors for life. Besides, you may use their example to give him a nudge in the right direction.

The Takeaway

These are the most obvious signs of serious intentions that a man will exhibit. Naturally, there are more, and you may delve into psychology for other insights. It is vital to understand if your partner’s priorities match with yours. This knowledge will prevent you from spending time and feelings on a person who has no desire to commit.

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