How to Determine and Reveal Racketeers from Matchmaking Agencies

Marriage agencies are almost 400 years old. No wonder, the human anxiety to fall in love and create a family is a fundamental wish. Every day, we can hear from our friends or acquaintances that this or that happy couple met online on a dating website or due to a matchmaking agency.

Besides, more and more people feel lonely. After disappointments and failures to find a partner by means of regular dates, they may turn to the services of marriage agencies. There, they are promised that their love is almost around the corner. Unfortunately, some lonely seekers end up spending huge money or even being in debts due to an unknown and beloved stranger. How does it happen?

“Calls” which should alarm:

  1. Potential partner is too perfect. When a man or a woman, especially well-provided one, starts chatting with a potential date and feels that here the love of his or her life is, it is better to take a cold shower and calm down. Whenever you start believing in a fairy-tale, remember that all of them are fiction. Unfortunately, no one is perfect.
  2. Potential date avoids video chatting. Every time you set up a video chat, his/ her camera is out of order, or he or she unexpectedly leaves on a business trip. Beware, this person is hiding something.
  3. And the most alarming sign: your online partner is in trouble in an unknown country. For example, he or she has been robbed or injured. Now, there is an urgent need for money for hospital services, or return ticket, or governmental fine, or whatever.

Sadly, all the above are the true stories from the people who suffered from swindlers and cheaters instead of finding the love of their lives. Besides, the heart is broken along with the hopes of being loved and happy.

How to Secure Yourself from Cheaters?

  • If you have made up your mind to use the services of a marriage agency, take your time and look for a reliable one, with positive feedback;
  • Beware of perfect as well as of too sad and sorrow life stories;
  • Tell your close friend or family about the potential partner you are communicating with. Probably, you are already dazzled and cannot perceive the situation objectively;
  • Insist on video chatting. In most cases, people who are not hiding anything will not refuse to meet online;
  • Afterward, suggest a real-life meeting. However, inform someone where and when you are going on a date;
  • In no way, make money transfers if you have never met a person. Especially if the situation sounds like a real tragedy.

In each field of our lives, cheaters and frauds are trying to line their pockets due to people’s kindness, sympathy, and compassion. Matchmaking agencies are not an exception. Thus, it is always better to double check the potential partner and discuss with someone (a family member or an agency specialist) in order to avoid being cheated and broken-hearted.

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