Common Mistakes In Online Dating

Over the decades, the dating game has undergone serious changes. Today, you may reach thousands and even millions of single people online. For career-focused adults, this seems to be the best option. With the convenience of dating apps and sites, you may think that finding “the one” must be easier. However, humans keep committing the same fatal errors in the process. Here are the top five common dating blunders spotted online.

1. You are lazy

Many users complain they get zero dates after completing the profile. Usually, the problem lies with their way of self-presentation. Invest time. Select the best pictures or arrange a professional photo shoot. A couple of bathroom selfies will hardly engage the right candidates. Do not dismiss the importance of profile information as well. Share your goals, interests and passions. You may suppose that looks are everything. However, some people will be consciously looking for something more than generic details.

2. You lie

In a quest for a serious relationship, there is no point in misinformation. After all, your date will label you a fraud as soon as you meet. Even a seemingly small lie may indicate your overall tendency to bend the truth. Be honest and confident, never fabricate details, and do not airbrush your pictures too much. Remember that lies are a major turn-off

3. You are passive

Do not just wait for someone to contact you. The dating game requires efforts from both parties. So be proactive – swipe, put likes, and write messages. This will help you to be noticed. Remember that your perfect partner may not have time to do the same, and the chances that you two will be miraculously connected are thin. The more you search and invest, the more you get.

4. You are shallow

Evaluation based on appearance is the foundation of online dating. After all, we usually swipe left or right based on looks. However, do not discard a candidate if their hair is the “wrong” color or they are a few inches shorter than you like. If you do find the perfect face after an arduous search, there is no guarantee this person will be into you. Being overly picky will only narrow your chances of finding a good match.

5. You do not read the candidate’s profile

Once you see an attractive face, check their profile to see if your personalities have anything in common. Be rational. There is little point contacting them if you are polar opposites, and his/her hobbies put you off. If your criteria fit, send a message. Otherwise, it is probably better to move on.

Be sure to consult this checklist when you embark on your online dating journey. Overall, honesty and the will to make an effort are a must. Finding the love of your life is no joke. Dating sites are no guarantee of success, especially if you do not do your best.

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